Be Buzzz LLC has modern facilities for

honey homogenization:

Thermal chamber for honey heating is equipped with electronic temperature control system allowing preheating honey in a special automated thermal chamber at the temperature of not more than 40 degrees, and, therefore, honey does not loses its health benefits and taste.


The homogenizer is made of high quality good steel.


The homogenization line has filter elements.


The homogenizer volume is 16,000 liters (21,000 kg).


We pack the product in 200-liter metal drums.





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Be Buzzz LLC provides services of honey homogenization using certified equipment within a specified period of time and under the most favorable terms.



Constant supervision

The production of honey is carried out under the constant supervision of an experienced production engineer with strict observance of the norms and requirements of applicable National Standard 4497:2005 "Natural Honey" and the Veterinary and Sanitary Requirements for the Facilities Producing the Apiculture Products approved by Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine No. 491, dated 8 August 2012.


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